Hello Debra,

It's Suellen Knopick here. I don't know if you remember us (or my husband Bill - we lived in Reno, NV), but we have had two of your dogs. Our first was Kotie, 16 years ago, and our second was her niece, Chance. Chance has just passed away this week at 13, and was the best dog we've ever had; lovely temperament, coat, build; she was a wonderful companion and family member. I'm attaching two recent photos of her here.

The last two years she lived with my parents, Margaret and Mike, in Reno, as we had the opportunity to move to New Zealand, and did not want to subject an 11 year old Chessie to the rigors of the flight in a crate and then a long quarantine - she had a lovely time at "club med" and was adored and cared for in her new home, but we missed her every single day and thought of her constantly.

I wanted to find you to see if you're still breeding from the same line, as your dogs are just head and shoulders above every other Chessie I've met in temperament and looks. Is there a way you could let me know if you have a litter coming up, and if you did, when that might be? Thank you so much in the meantime for having given us the wonderful Chance -


Suellen and Bill Knopick
New Zealand

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