Hello Debra,

Hi Debra, Remember me? It has been a while since I have been in touch. How are you? I was looking at your web sight and saw that Cooper's sister just had a litter of pups. They are cute!! Cooper is doing great. He is huge! He weighs in at 105lbs., and still thinks that he is a lap dog. He is very tall and extremely strong. Very much a stud!!

People always seem to stop us to tell us what a beauty he is whenever we are out and about with him. The other day a man stopped us to tell us what an elegant dog we have. I'd like to take the credit for that, but that would belong to you and Cooper's parents! :)

We took him to the lake with us last summer, and while swimming (in deeper water believe it or not) he would somehow get himself onto a raft. It was hysterical! Here is a picture of him on my raft after he got up on it and pushed me off.

Anyways, I hope that you are doing well, and thanks again for Cooper. He really is a great dog!! Take Care and keep in touch,

Shery McCoy

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