Below Memories of Dana...


We had Dana for 12 plus terrific years!


Quail Ridge, Pasa Robles, California July 11, 1998 thru November 4, 2009, Dana Point, Ca.

We’ll always remember . . . The day we picked her out of the litter with Debra and brought her home How small and pudgy she was; couldn’t climb stairs
Dipping her paw into her water bowl while drinking especially after a long walk
Smiling, so many smiles; first time she frightened a FedX driver with a smile
Trilling and shaking by the ocean in anticipation of a run in the waves
Surfing with her when she was a pup
Deep, loud breathing as part of her greeting, and as a means of waking us up
Sliding along the side of the bed, or furniture, or our legs like a cat Leaning hard against us while being petted
Leaping into the community swimming pool
Cradling her chin in our palm inviting vigorous scratching
Her intense, intelligent gaze
Thumping her tail while lying on her side when we’d approach her
Her love of treats of all kinds – biscuits, chew toys, soft squeaky toys Love of the ocean, dancing in waves, swimming
Grabbing a dog toy in her mouth and letting out muffled (threatening?) barks from the deck
Sleeping in the sun on the deck
Her excitement anticipating the arrival of Sam and Mel
Her lust for packages and wrapped gifts, and skill at opening them Her love of Christmas and opening her gifts
Helping us with our socks as part of the pre-walk ritual Going for a ride, any ride in the car, to anywhere
Dumping bathroom waste cans over as a sign of her displeasure at being left alone
Love of harbor walks
Dog parks
Pushing the front door open with her snout
Playing baseball in the back yard
Accepting compliments while walking from hundreds of strangers on her good looks
Sniffing Capri, her buddy
Love of spaghetti, avocados, tuna, chicken broth on her kernels, peanut butter toast Wiping her mouth on us after eating
Sudden leaps off the boat dock pursuing ducks or leaping fish
Dinghy rides and fender retrieving sessions at the sandbar Head dips, total head submersion into the water
Car trip to the Russian River
Car trip to Oregon and Lake of the Woods, San Francisco, and Green Valley Lake
Playing soccer with Melody
Nudging us hard with her nose usually as a prompt for a dog cookie
Reaching out and placing her paw on a nearby foot
Alternating sleeping on either Debbie or Jerry’s side of the bed
Dislike / unwillingness of sitting or lying on furniture including beds
Watching TV from her training crate as a puppy waiting for Mel to return from school
Fetching branches, shaking them, and snapping them with her teeth
Powerful swimming stokes and swimming speed
Parading around with a toy in her mouth and not letting others touch it unless commanded to drop it
Liking to play hide and seek in the house with her toys; sometimes nosing a toy under a bed requiring us to retrieve it for her
Love of being towel dried after a bath, especially her head
Patience while being brushed
Long naps on a dog bed or throw rug in front of the fire
Hanging out on the grass while a car was washed on the driveway
Lying in doorways, requiring us to step over her or walk around her to pass

Thanks, Debra for all the love you create.

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