Freedy Smiles!

Hi Debra,

I just found your website, and couldn't resist looking through it. I got my dog, Freedy, from you in 1994. He was born on 5/12/1994, and believe it or not, he is still doing quite well! Anyhow, I remember that his father was Quail Run Bear (because I went to meet him in L.A.), but I cannot remember who his mom was (although I did meet her in Paso Robles). I remember Bear was a large Chessie, and Freedy also is very large (100 lbs). I was wondering if the pictures on your Home Page of your website are of his father and/or mother.

Anyhow, I wanted to say hi, and send you a few pictures of Freedy. My wife and I live in Walnut Creek, California, but when we got Freedy, I lived in Long Beach. We never showed him, nor did we ever hunt him, but he has been a great family dog. He loves people and other dogs, and does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He also does this thing where he smiles (see picture), and has become quite a celebrity in our neighborhood dog park. We hope to get another Chesapeake in the future, and will definitely go to Quail Ridge when we are ready.

------------------ Jay Katz

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