Breeding - Mesquite/Harley:

CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger x CH QuailRidge's Harley Thyme!

Harley's Pups arrived November 21, 2007!

CH QuailRidge's Mesquite Mudslinger                     x               CH QuailRidge's Harley Thyme
CH QuailRidge's Tobin James                                                            CH QuailRidge's Justin Thyme
xQuailRidge's Slewfoot Sioux                                                                  x CH QuailRidge's Sassafrass.

Pedigree for Mesquite and Harley's Pups

Below, Harley and Mesquite's pups!

Six Week B-Day, January 2, 2008!

There are 6 Males & 5 Females!


Above, Harley with her pups on their 6 Week Birthday.

Januruary 2, 2008!

Pictures of Harley & Pups 13 Days and 3 Days!

Pictures of Harley & Mesquite's Pups 3 Weeks!

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