Louie (left) & Walker (right front)

Hi Debra,

Louie is doing very well He is an excellent hunter, everything that I could ever hope for. He just doesn't give up and his nose is like radar. More important he is an assume family dog. He really watches over Walker.

This story typifies their relationship. Earlier this fall Betsy and I decided that a fresh duck stir fry sounded good for supper. We packed up Walker and of course Louie and headed for a local pond that is always a hotspot. It is the same pond that Louie and I got his first geese. Once again the pond had a sizable contingent of geese in addition to healthy population of ducks. Since Betsy had never shot a goose, we decided to go after them. I posted Betsy on the front side of the pond just out site with Walker. Louie and I went around the back side of the pond to flush the geese over Betsy. The direct approach no longer works so in order to flush the geese in the direction you want them to go you have to get real close. Other wise they just circle around and head back to Ninepipe the big wildlife refuge about a mile and a half from the pond. Using the available topography as cover it is about a half mile trip. The last 300 yards you run out of cover. Using Louie as a shield I was able to crawl to within 60 yards before they got nervous and left. I can't believe how well that works they just don't pay much attention to the dog until it is too late. The key is that the dog has to be extremely well behaved and not give into the temptation to charge the geese. With all those wings it was inevitable that I would do well I just didn't expect to get three. The geese flew over Betsy and she got two in two shots. A portion of the flock came back over me and I got another one. With six geese down, three of them winged and in the pond Louie was in chessie heaven. With a little help from dad he soon had the first goose and was on his way to Betsy who was waiting on the near shore. Betsy had left Walker some 25 yards up the bank. Walker was not impressed about being left out of the action and was protesting rather loudly. Louie dropped the goose at Betsy's feet and raced up the shore to Walker. He made a couple of laps around Walker making sure that he was ok, washed his face and headed back to work. Within 15 minutes Louie had hand delivered every bird. More importantly Louie had elevated is stature to hero status with Betsy.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Louie has been such a blessing to our family. Thank you for matching us with such a wonderful dog.

Terry, Betsy, Tiffani, Walker, and Louie

Louie, taking a break!


Hi Debra,

My how time flies sorry I have not given you any up dates for a long time. Louie is a portly gentleman with all the attributes. He has slowed down some but most of that can be attributed to him not sticking to his diet. Louieís ability to open doors and tenacity for eating make enforcing the diet shall we say difficult. We had him neutered a couple of years ago. He had zero sperm count and the vet was concerned that his testicles might develop cancer. It is really ashamed that he could not reproduce, as he is a text book dog. He has fulfilled all of my expectation. When I say he is slowing down that doesnít mean he is not still working. Saturday Betsy (my wife) shot a goose and Louie packed it across the creek and up the bank before setting it down and basically saying now come get it. I suppose I can not blame him the snow was 18Ē deep and the goose was 10 to 12 lbs. I least I didnít have to wade the creek.

I donít know if I told you but Louie has become an outstanding cow dog. I donít say that lightly and for perspective we have had border collies for years. He is very calm, and thinks thing through. He uses his brain for moving cattle not just his bronze. When push comes to shove his bronze can turn even the most stubborn bovine obedient.

Congratulation on your recent victories in the show ring. More importantly congratulation on breeding working Chesses that are a compliment to there breed.

What ever you do donít change your program.

Terry Murphy
St. Ignatius Montana

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