Hello Debra,
We purchased a male Chessie from you back in December of 1991 and he was the only pup that you had left and you called him "Blondie" and he was out of Z's Red E Pete and Chelsea's Bold Runner whelped 10-29-91. I just wanted to send you a picture of him and to let you know that this dog has been the very best companion that anyone could want over the last 12 plus years. He has been through 4 kids and 9 Grandkids. He is very large for a male Chessie and weighed over 100 lbs before he was one year old , just a large male Chessie. He is now at 150 pounds and has been there for years but is not as active as 10 years ago like most of us.We lived in Camarillo California when we bought him and have retired to Lake Havasu City Arizona 4 years ago. I thought that you might like to see him again. I cannot tell you how terrific this guy has been over the years. I have owned quite a few Chessie's over 40 years but none come close to this ones personality and temperament, he has been and still is absolutely the best family member a person could want. We named him Red E Runner Jake Brake (Jake). Hope you enjoy seeing him again and continued good luck to you. Your website looks VERY nice Debra.
Take care and respond if you care to.

Best Regards,

Wayne W. Powell/Rhonda Powell

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