Hello Debra,

I hope this didn't jam up your computer from downloading. I couldn't decide which photos to send so I sent along varies stages of the last 6 months. Willow has been a blessing for us. We just love her more than you can imagine. She is a really "GOOD" dog. She has graduated from basic and intermediate dog training. She loves to do the agility course. She took right to it. Even though she is our third Chesapeake she is truly unique in her personality. Everyone thinks she is just the sweetest thing and she is. She really does have an amazing temperament. We belong to a lodge (only 100 members..nice!) in the Sierra's so I included a photo of the lodge's lake ..which we now call "Willow Lake". It is her playground. She is a fantastic swimmer and retriever. I will keep you updated. She truly depicts all the assets that make up a CBR!
Thanks again

Annamarie Trager

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