Willow, 10 Months!

Below Willow's 1st Birthday!
Hi Debra:

Hello Debra,

We thought you would enjoy some new pictures of Willow. These were just taken on her 10 month birthday. You can see how beautiful she is. Her coat is amazing. She is 80lbs.! She is a big solid dog. She is the love of our life. Thanks again for having her. We have had so much fun with her. She is an amazing swimmer and a dock jumper. We would love to get her into "Dock Dogs'...she is a natural.

We just looked at the website...WOW what cuties! Our first chessie came out of a litter of 13. That's a far cry from Willow's litter, 6. I bet you have your hands full. We hope to take a trip to Paso Robles this winter for some wine tasting and when we do we will contact you and bring Willow by so you can see her.

Annamarie Trager

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